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My name is Henry Skoglund and I run my own (very) small software company called Tungware. For 20+ years I’ve worked with Windows, Visual Studio and MFC, then Vista made me discover other stuff, like Linux and Macs.

Last year I started converting to Qt which for me has the same appeal as MFC had in the 1990s; i.e. being a really versatile tool for building great apps. Qt has one big advantage though: it’s multiplatform, so that your code in theory runs equally well on Linux, Mac and Windows. This however involves lots of hard to remember details, so I thought, why not start a blog to document them?

I’m sure there will be other topics as well besides Qt, we’ll see!

P.S. Someone asked me about that computer in the photo above; yes it’s a SOL-20, I remember running CP/M and using Wordstar to write Z80 assembly code…

P.P.S Have a problem with your Qt project? Or starting from scratch? Maybe I can help: email here.

3 thoughts on “About me

  1. You are an angel. Your post is well made and what I needed to help me understand QT deployment.

    I am writing a script that will go fetch all these and copy them to a user specified build folder. PM me if you would like it.

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