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Deploying a real Qt app – understanding more of Qt

I’ve written about deploying a simple Qt app, but what about deploying a more complex, “real” Qt app. This means copying all the needed files: besides the main executable file there usually are some shared libraries, e.g. DLLs, and some other files like configuration or certificate files. In this blog post I’ll concentrate on getting the binary executable files setup correct; of course there can be other important files, like the qmldir declaration file in the QtQuick.2 subdirectory etc. but that’s a topic for another blog post.

First there’s the option of static linking i.e. one build that packs all of Qt’s DLLs and your code together in a single .exe file. This hugely simplifies deployment, but it’s a time consuming process that can be tricky; of course if you distribute large quantities of your software, static linking is definitely something you should try.

But if you’re not yet targeting a couple of millions of PCs (or a similar number 🙂 ) then you’re building your Qt app the normal, dynamic way. And that app structure in Qt depends heavily on shared or dynamically loaded libraries; on your deployment PC the Qt installer sets these up for you, but on other PCs you need to do it yourself. You can either use an installer, for example Qt has a good one, or copy the files manually.

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Hello Qt – installing Qt

Hi (first post: the reason I started this blog was all the small details re. Qt installation, deployment etc. Had some scattered notes, so I thought why not put them on the web, that way I’ll find them for sure next time they’re needed.)

The really outstanding feature of Qt: you can have a reasonable complex program written in C++ running fine on Windows, then recompile the code in Qt for the Mac or Linux and chances are pretty high it’ll behave the same!

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